Welcome to Hancox Training and Social Media

We provide a variety of services to businesses of all sizes. Our two primary areas of focus are Social Media enhancement and Restaurant Training.

Social Media: We help restaurants enhance their social media outreach. Most restaurants want a social media presence but aren’t sure what to do after they create a website. Where do they start and how do they keep up? We have developed a several packages that will get them started with different social sites (Twitter, Facebook, Citysearch, etc.) as well as manage their updates on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. See Social Media Enhancement for more information.

Restaurant Training: We also focus on in-house training for restaurant staff and managers. Sometimes restaurants need a little extra help above and beyond the training their managers provide. We teach both basic and fine points of service; create or define existing service styles. Wine and beverage education can be included. We help new managers to manage staff, and senior staff to ‘manage managers’. Our trainers have a wide range of experience and can custom tailor training modules that fit your location. See Restaurant Training for more information.